World Buffet Report

Today on World Buffet Report we look at a number of exotic foods and find out what they are like and any health benefits they could bring. We start out our journey at Indian Cuisine. Indian food is very big in Europe but not so much so here in the U S of A we are very much a meat loving nation that flirts with the idea of more exotic food.

Indian Cusisine

So what did dishes did we try? First up is chicken tikka Massala. The beauty of this dish is that you don’t have to be a spice lover to like this dish. What we could describe this as is a smooth entry level curry. It was mild but still flavoursome with hints of coconut and spice mixed through with chicken and cauliflower. This was accompanied with white basmati rice and naan bread. The history behind this dish is actually pretty interesting. It is said it was made accidentally in the UK around the 1970s by a chef who split cream into his curry mixture , he began adding garlic and other spices together and mixed it all up. Thus chicken tikka massala was born.

During another of our flavor journeys we decided to try lamb rogan josh. This dish was amazing, green peppers spices and plenty of lamb. The dish was served piping hot with sides of rice , naan and pakora. This was significantly more spicy than the massala and had more of a kick. This dish goes down well accompanied by a cold cobra beer. It had plenty of flavor and is worth considering if ever visiting an Indian restaurant .

Health Benefits

Indian food as well as being flavoursome and inexpensive also has a wide number of health benefits that come with consuming the food. Spices and garlic have been shown by several global studies to have excellent antioxidant and vitamin properties. This means that these herbs and spices can help improve your overall health and also benefit your heart. Further health benefits to Indian food is that often dishes are prepared with a variety of different vegetables. The variation of vegetables and spices allows your body to take in more valuable vitamins.

Italian Food

Moving across the globe we are going to briefly touch on the lasting impact on Italian food. Italian food has been intertwined in US culture for many years especially during the early 20th Century when many Italians moved to the USA to seek work in big cities on the east coast such as New York City. With the Italians came a variety of dishes and foods: pasta, pizza , espressos , spaghetti and much much more. Italy has always been a pioneering giant within the food world and its impact on the USA cannot be understated. No matter where you go nowadays you will be hard pressed not to find a pizza place or Italian diner nearby. The success of Italian food has been massive in the US!

We sampled several Italian foods but our favourite by far was the humble stuffed crust pepperoni pizza. This dining delight was packed with flavour and stone baked using traditional cooking methods. There are also vegetarian pizzas available for those of you who prefer non meat alternatives. Contrasting with Indian food some Italian food may be less nutritious (in this case pizza) however if it is made using traditional ingredients and using vegetables there are still certainly a number of health benefits to be had.