Islay Scotch Whisky – World Buffet Reviews Scottish Cuisine

Islay Scotch Whisky is a unique form of Whisky which we sampled recently, and the results were sensational. Whisky is quite possibly one of the most interesting and unique drinks that can accompany food or be enjoyed on its own. Having never had Whisky before some of our team had a bit of shock from the power of the drink , all be it a pleasant one.  Scotland is known for its barren weather and beautiful landscapes and it would seem now also its memorable cuisine and beverages.

What Is Islay Scotch Whisky?

To understand the origins of Islay Scotch Whisky it is important to note where it is produced and exactly what it means to have the name Islay Scotch. Islay is an Island located on the west coast of Scotland and has been known for many years to be a producer of Whisky. Currently the Island has around eight distilleries but prior to the 21st century it used to have far more. Many Islanders in recent years have had to migrate to the central belt of Scotland due to lack of work and investment in the Island and get jobs in cities and large towns. This had an impact on the local whisky industry and demand dropped. However as technology has changed and the years have passed Scottish Whisky is enjoying a resurgence and in particular Islay Scotch Whisky

Islay Scotch Whisky is a form of whisky which is distilled on the island of Islay. Because the whisky is made here it has a distinct taste which differs from other types of whisky. The flavours that can be found in Islay Scotch whisky include peat , smoke, seaweed and salt. These unique flavors stem from the environment Islay is surrounded by. In order for any Whisky to acquire the name of a scotch whisky it must be produced in Scotland and aged for at least three years before it can be sold as a scotch.

Health Benefits

Islay Scotch as well as a variety of other whiskys hold  a number of unique health benefits that few people know about. Here are just a few of what we found

  • Whisky has been shown to help relieve the effects of stress and anxiety on people
  • Whisky can also assist with the digestion process and helps to eliminate painful stomach cramps
  • Whisky can improve cardiovascular health overall and assist in strengthening the immune system
  • Whisky can be used as a disinfectant to treat wounds 
  • It can help to improve overall memory and reduce the risk of dementia


Impact On Popular Culture And The Food And Drink Industry

It seems like only yesterday when going into a bar and ordering a whisky would be considered unusual for someone in their mid 20s. However times have changed and whisky is appealing to a much wider and more international market. As whisky has expanded so to have the producers. Whisky is now produced in a number of countries across the world including Japan , Czech republic , Canada, USA and India. Each of these countries all have unique weather and climate attributes that can have an impact on taste and production of the whisky.

Overall it can be concluded that whisky has become a much more popular drink over the last century and is enjoying a resurgence in popularity. This is partly to do with exports and advertisements and also the appeal of the process behind the drink. Many other alcoholic beverages don’t go through such a rigorous process and are often mass produced taking away from the uniqueness and perceived value of the product.