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Comfy, intimate and interesting location to delight in great live blues music and Southern food

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Tickets and Reservations

We book the right to charge you for your tickets at the time of purchase.

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Why Ambience Is Important In A Restaurant

Why ambience is important in a restaurant? You cannot afford to have an ambience that does not please your customers. This will only result in unenthusiastic reviews and even worse could be word of mouth publicity for the restaurant that displeases you and spread false news about your business. If your customers are aware of
vhs to dvd

VHS to DVD Converter Guide

Have you been wondering how to convert VHS to DVD? If yes, then you are in the right place. In our guide, we will talk you through everything to know about converting. As technology evolves, it is more important than ever to preserve those piled up VHS tapes that hold valuable footage, especially if you
cooking lessons

Cooking Lessons

Private, self-directed cooking lessons come in various formats. You can attend these courses at home or have your child attend. It is not just your child who benefit, but your children too. Your child learns at their own pace from someone they know, love and respect who also wants to provide them with quality culinary

Tiktok Automation & Instagram Bots Helped Our Social Media

Everyone knows that a good social media effort is the heart of any marketing campaign, especially nowadays where everyone is online. Social media marketing can be tricky to gain momentum, but there are a few tools out there that can help companies gain an advantage in the social media world. With the help of a

Learning The Guitar

There is no doubt that it is one of the most challenging endeavors to master, especially if you are learning to learn the guitar from scratch. That being said, there are many different buckets in which to approach each bucket of information, so it should be very easy to understand why learning to learn the

Breakdown of Brass Band Instruments

We are huge music lovers, and love genres of all sorts, so we wanted to talk about band and jazz music. A brass band instrument is actually a musical instrument which produces musical sound by vibrating air in a hollow resonator in harmony with the vibration of an individual’s vocal chords. Brass instruments are known


In the old days we didn’t have electric cookers; all we had was our old wood burning stove. As time went by technology was able to improve on most things, including cooking materials. Now we have several different types of cookers around. Of course, we use ours today for cooking many of the meals we
cdisc training

What Is CDISC Training?

We never thought we would be finding ourselves using these systems, never mind writing about them, but here we are, telling the world about CDISC Training. Basically, if you are in the medical field or the food and drug field, you will probably of have heard of these systems, but if you are not, it

Top Home Maintenance Tips

Keeping on top of the maintenance within you home can sometimes seem like a big job, bit if you give yourself a list and keep an eye on the key areas of your home, there is no reason why your home should fall into disrepair. We have put together some of the top home maintenance

ELectricians Glasgow Can Offer

Electricians are skilled professionals who work to implement the electrical wiring in your home or building and ensures that everything is safely done and according to regulation. The reality is that whether you’ve got electrical troubles or are planning to make a modest renovation to your home, nonetheless, owe it to yourself to seek a
Damp Specialist

Damp Specialist Can Save Your Restaurant

Rising damp has been in the news over the past few years, highlighted because of its prevalence in the UK.  Thanks to the UK’s wet climate, problems with damp have always been an issue for homeowners and business owners alike.  Fortunately, damp problems can generally be treated quickly and easily, and getting your premises surveyed

Dining Crunch is Hitting UK Restaurants

From June 2018 to June 2019 there has been more than 1,400 restaurant closures in the UK.  It comes at a time when the restaurant sector is becoming heavily over-saturated as more and more establishments want a slice of the pie. The problem is, too many market players combined with increasing cost for businesses is

Pallet Lifter Influence On Restaurant Experience

Utilising a pallet lifter within your company’s everyday activities is essential in order for businesses to be capable of taking themselves to the next level. It is not uncommon for businesses to encounter drastic difficulties when they first start to develop their overall service offering. Companies can regularly fail to fully appreciate the need for
video 8 to dvd

Video 8 to DVD Services For Art and Film

8mm film was the standard film format developed by Kodak and released to the market in 1932.  When it was launched it was originally called Cine Kodak Eight, and was developed to offer a cheaper and more portable alternative to 16 mm film. The 8mm format proved immensely popular amongst consumers and enjoyed worldwide success

Banksy’s Christmas Graffiti Highlighting Homelessness

Street artist Banksy this week revealed on his Instagram account his most recent piece of art work.  It depicts Santa’s reindeer harnessed to a real life bench against a wall.  When you look at it, it looks like the reindeer are pulling the bench as a sleigh. As with all of Banksy’s street paintings, it

Event Crew Agencies Can Transform Your Restaurant

Event crew agencies being utilised can prove to be immensely beneficial to the way that companies shape their overall organisation in the long term. Brands can often take considerable amounts of time to appreciate what they need to do to transform their company in the long term. Businesses who fail to fully understand the need
wordpress vps hosting

Southerners Use Of WordPress VPS Hosting

Utilising WordPress VPS hosting is a crucial element of southerners getting the most out of the American system in order to ensure that they have the best platform possible for them to share their views with other cultures. Southerners are often still perceived as being an ignorant type of people due to the past history
lip fillers

How Dolly Parton Introduced Lip Fillers In Country Music Scene

Dolly Parton is a country music superstar with massive hits including I Will Always Love You, Jolene and 9-5 since the 1970s. She is also Hannah Montana/ Miley Cyrus’ Godmother. She is so huge her music has been turned into a musical and in 2018 Netflix released a film called Dumplin’ that was also based
lip fillers

Southern American Fashion – Southern State Style

The southern states of America have such a renowned culture – from southern friend chicken, cowboys and country music. However what has been over shadowed until summer 2018 was southern state style – especially for womenswear. Cowboy Boots Go all out and purchase a pair of calf raising leather boots teamed with a denim skirt
southern food

Southern Foods Impact On American Culture

Due to the diverse nature of America, there is obviously such a huge variety of cuisines for the American people to experience. With so many immigrants from so many countries choosing America as their country of choice to settle in and raise their children, it is no wonder such a huge variety of cuisines exist

Best Free Web Hosting Provider For Your Restaurant

The professional appearance and interaction of your website is irrelevant if the amount of traffic coming to your website does not reflect the quality of the site. It can be very difficult for inexperienced web designers to select the correct keywords to target which will result in their page ranking and getting more traffic to
Glasgow Indian Restaurant

What Makes A Great Glasgow Indian Restaurant?

Indian food continues to grow in popularity as the unique tastes which consumers can experience still continue to satisfy restaurant goers across the world. The complexed flavours which customers can taste has helped Indian foods popularity across European countries rise year upon year. People who have never been to an Indian before have now become

Blues Impact On The Music Industry

Today’s chart music now sounds more varied than ever. No matter what your music taste you have you are guaranteed to hear something which takes your fancy due to the differing styles of artists which are now guaranteed to be given prime radio slots. From rap to rock music, every genre is now somewhat represented

Reupholstery Edinburgh for A Restaurant or Bar

If you are looking to revamp your restaurant or bar in Edinburgh but aren’t looking to go all out, then you should consider getting your chairs and booths reupholstered. There are many benefits of upholstery in Edinburgh and you’ll find out what they are if you keep reading. If you don’t have booths, then this

Why Do We Like Our Food Hot?

A Question we see surprisingly often is online is why do we like our food hot? this answer isn’t as straightforward as you might think. There are a number of reasons we like our food hot and we will go over those throughout the blog.   We will look at the process of cooking food as
Best Indian Restaurants In Glasgow

What Makes The Best Indian Restaurants In Glasgow?

Recently on our annual Red Hot Buffet staff holiday we visited the city of Glasgow. We were blown away by the variety of food on offer. Italian , Indian , American , Chinese , Japanese you name it they had it. We settled for an Indian Restaurant known as the Dahkin  in the beautiful Merchant
Islay Scotch

Islay Scotch Whisky – World Buffet Reviews Scottish Cuisine

Islay Scotch Whisky is a unique form of Whisky which we sampled recently, and the results were sensational. Whisky is quite possibly one of the most interesting and unique drinks that can accompany food or be enjoyed on its own. Having never had Whisky before some of our team had a bit of shock from

World Buffet Report

Today on World Buffet Report we look at a number of exotic foods and find out what they are like and any health benefits they could bring. We start out our journey at Indian Cuisine. Indian food is very big in Europe but not so much so here in the U S of A we

Why It Is Essential to Install Carbon Dioxide Sensors in Restaurants

Calling all restaurant, bar and venue owners, if you don’t already have carbon dioxide sensors in your establishment, then you really should reconsider. The dangers of CO2 have become very apparent over time. Illness and even death can occur due to CO2 poisoning. Why Is CO2 so Dangerous? Carbon dioxide is extremely dangerous and it

Livin’ the Blues and Payin’ Dues

Everyone gets the blues. If you delight in playing this distinctively American category of music, I praise you. The blues and American Jazz have actually affected the world’s music which is an advantage. Wish to earn a living playing the blues? Think what? You can!   Hardcore supporters of this music have actually never ever

Springing the Blues in Jacksonville

An approximated crowd of 40,000 came down on this beachfront neighborhood for a weekend of fun in the sun, and the weather condition could not have been much better. With temperature levels in the low 80’s, beachgoers got here early to romp in the sand and browse while viewing the kids and the pros destroy

The Best Timeless Rock and Blues Albums You Never Became Aware Of

If you love traditional rock and the blues, the opportunities ready that you never ever became aware of the majority of the groups and the CDs in this post, which are among my favorites. I love finding ignored groups and these stick instantly too mind. My only requirements was that they needed to be groups