Southern Foods Impact On American Culture

Due to the diverse nature of America, there is obviously such a huge variety of cuisines for the American people to experience. With so many immigrants from so many countries choosing America as their country of choice to settle in and raise their children, it is no wonder such a huge variety of cuisines exist for American people to enjoy. However, thanks to globalisation these foods no longer solely exist in America. Countries across the globe are now able to experience cuisines from all over and this is the same with Southern American food. The market for their own southern food obviously dipped considerably after so many different cuisines became available, and the locals gravitated towards experimentation with lesser known foods to themselves.

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This is understandable, before globalisation took place people in the southern hemisphere of America had barely encountered any foods other than their standard foods which had become so normal to them, they forgot about the fact that there are many alternatives out there. The foods of the Chinese, Indians, Italians and Spanish had yet to be discovered by these people. As soon as these foods were spread across this part of the world, the number of tapas bars, pizzerias and Chinese takeaways which had opened up spread drastically across the country.

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Fried Chicken

Southern families have always taken great pride in what they perceived to be a varied diet. However, until foreign foods were introduced, they did not take their own foods for granted. They revelled in their own home sourced ingredients creating iconic southern meals. Incredibly meals such as fried chicken originated from the south of America. These meals were the result of Scottish immigrants and slaves from Africa combining their resources at the time and creating fried chicken. This is an iconic meal for Southerners who believe this is now the most well renown aspect of their historic diet which people globally appreciate and respect a great deal. However, southerners have deserted this great food and it is no longer as popular as their foreign imports are which for the traditionalists in that part of the country it can be an extremely tough pill to swallow.


Export Success

However, regardless of the amount of annoyance amongst the people of the deep south at their own deserting the foods which have made that part of the country so iconic it cannot be ignored that the exporting capabilities of the deep south food has far surpassed its potential had it simply been restricted to solely being a food which could be enjoyed by southerners. Huge fast food successes such as KFC have achieved their huge success because of the global desire to taste fried chicken. Globalisation has made this possible and as a result this is a phenomenon which the southerners are reaping the benefits from as huge a huge number of tourists flock to the southern parts of America in search of a holiday and seeing the hotspots such as the first place where fried chicken was made which has proved a huge hit with tourists.