Reupholstery Edinburgh for A Restaurant or Bar

If you are looking to revamp your restaurant or bar in Edinburgh but aren’t looking to go all out, then you should consider getting your chairs and booths reupholstered. There are many benefits of upholstery in Edinburgh and you’ll find out what they are if you keep reading. If you don’t have booths, then this article comes with the added bonus of also telling you the benefits of booth seating in your establishment.

Benefits of Booth and Dining Chair Reupholstery in Edinburgh

There are many benefits of booth and dining room reupholstery, including;

Old Furniture is Better Quality

You tend to find that the older the furniture the better the quality. This is highly due to things not being made to last these days. If there is nothing wrong with the integrity of the piece of furniture itself, then reupholstery in Edinburgh can be a great alternative. Upholstery will commonly become damaged with natural wear and tear long before a piece of old furniture.

Saves Money

When you consider the cost of replacing all of the chairs or booths in your restaurant (because presumably, you would want all of the furniture to match) then reupholstery in Edinburgh can work out far cheaper. Even if you are only thinking about replacing a few chairs (maybe the still sell your original ones) then the cost can be a lot lower. Some upholstery companies will even offer discounts for larger jobs, so you may be better getting all of your chairs and booth reupholstered at the same time.

Custom Reupholstery in Edinburgh

One of the other main advantages of reupholstery in Edinburgh is that it can be completely customised. If you see a type of fabric that you think would suit the theme of your restaurant you can take it to a reupholsterer in Edinburgh. Both fabric and leather can be added to chairs and booths. Leather may be a better choice in a restaurant environment but it’s entirely up to you.

Benefits of Tables and Booths in a Restaurant

Some restaurants will only have chairs and tables, which is fine, but if you have space, then booths can be a real crowd pleaser. Some of the benefits of opting for booths include;


Booths can be custom made, which can rack up the price a little, however, you will be able to optimise the space you have as they can be made to fit perfectly. Booths are generally a little more expensive but when you consider the cost of a table and 6 chairs compared to a booth that can seat 6-8 people, then there is really no questioning their affordability.

Some Guests Prefer Them

If you have ever worked in hospitality and have worked in an establishment that has booth seating, then you’ll have likely been asked (more than once) if guests can “get the booth seat.” With some guests even willing to wait for others to leave just to get to sit in the booth seating – even if there are other tables free. Due to this, your restaurant could come much more desirable for your customers. Booths provide a sense of privacy in an otherwise hectic restaurant or bar space.

Endless Reupholstery Options

Having booths in your restaurant or bar leaves you open to endless options with reupholstery Edinburgh. No matter if you run a modern boojee restaurant or a blues/southern restaurant, there is a piece of upholstery for everyone.