Blues Impact On The Music Industry

Today’s chart music now sounds more varied than ever. No matter what your music taste you have you are guaranteed to hear something which takes your fancy due to the differing styles of artists which are now guaranteed to be given prime radio slots. From rap to rock music, every genre is now somewhat represented in the charts. However, this has not always been the case. There once was a time when charts barely existed and when they first started to the music style was dominated by one type of music. However, blues music then entered the fray and began to dominate the music scene with so many iconic blues music acts.

Artists Identity

Artists identities tend to be defined by old artists which they can relate closely to and find common ground with in order for them to lay a foundation upon which their musical careers can blossom from. Blues music has laid the foundations for so many artists to leap onto the music scene and become hugely successful in their own right and the freedom to create their own music. Artists often speak of their need to have a springboard for them to work from when writing music. Many musicians often speak about going to a certain place to have peace and tranquillity in order for them to be in the right state of mind for them to have their artistical freedom to write the music they want to produce.

Blues Influence

Many huge artists today credit the blues as a huge factor in their music sounding the way it does. Many artists claim to have gone abroad to relax and write settings in a calm and relaxing manner which reflects the main connotations of blues music. This helps artists rediscover their inner blues roots and write music which is reminiscent of old successful blues songs.


Blues music is centred around the rhythm of the music. Blues music is a unique combination of swagger and pace. Modern styles of music such as hip-hop borrow significant amounts from blues music.  Various instruments which are used throughout hip-hop make sounds which remind people of musical notes from historical blues songs. Blue’s swagger and style is often noticed when hip-hop is being performed in front of audiences as the general arrogance and confidence of the performer helps showcase the type of production which blues music was.


Another huge music genre which has been impacted greatly from blues music is R&B. Emotion is the main ingredient in Blues music. The music is designed to make people feel emotional, whether that is in a happy or sad manner. R&B is very similar in this sense, with songs showcasing songs which are centred around either happy memories of heartbreak with a former loved one. A huge factor in blues music becoming so popular with people was that it didn’t sound mechanical at all. Each blues song was an emotional rollercoaster of its own, and R&B is very similar in this sense. These two examples of modern genres which adopt the blues style of performance helps show exactly the impact which blues music still has on music today.