What Is CDISC Training?

We never thought we would be finding ourselves using these systems, never mind writing about them, but here we are, telling the world about CDISC Training. Basically, if you are in the medical field or the food and drug field, you will probably of have heard of these systems, but if you are not, it will be completely new to you. We must admit that actually CDISC was a brand new concept to us aswel, and it took a while for us to get to grips with this highly specialised field. Even when we sat down to write this article, we suddenly realised that we weren’t entirely sure ourselves! We had to consult our partners who managed to put us right on the subject. So even though we are relatively new to this whole area, here we are writing about it with authority, which has proven to be somewhat of a good exercise for us here at Red Hot.

cdisc training

CDISC Training Explained

Ok so here is the deal. CDISC actually stands for Clinical Data Interchange Standards Consortium. It refers to the standardised way of dealing with medical research data that can be linked with healthcare to improve the overall services that are being provided by a healthcare organisation.  These standards let companies collect medical research data from the initial protocol stages, right through analysis and onto the reporting of the actual results. They can have a huge affect on the overall outcome of medical data as well as the time and effort that is required as the research progresses. The CDISC system is used by companies all over the world, and although they are fairly usable by most people working in these industries, their setup and use can prove challenging. This is due to the fact that every medical body will operate differently, and they often require tailored CDISC Training for their staff to get the most out of these processes.

cdisc training

Common Misconceptions Of CDISC Systems

We have heard from our CDISC partners that, despite a vast amount of resources on the subject, there is still a great deal of confusion about CDISC and how it works. We thought we should address some of these main misconceptions here, so that people can have a better understanding of how it works. Here are a few of the most common misunderstandings of CDISC:

  • A lot of people in research think that CDISC is only useful when it comes to regulatory submission, and they don’t have any value for observational research studies
  • Some people believe that you cannot use CDISC for mobile devices, but CDISC can be used across a wide variety of platforms
  • People see CDISC as complicated and expensive, but we managed to get training for it at a very good price point that was very good value for our business
  • Lots of people already have a data system in place, and they believe that CDISC wont integrate with it, but this is not the case
  • People did not know that it is becoming a requirement to submit in CDISC