Video 8 to DVD Services For Art and Film

8mm film was the standard film format developed by Kodak and released to the market in 1932.  When it was launched it was originally called Cine Kodak Eight, and was developed to offer a cheaper and more portable alternative to 16 mm film. The 8mm format proved immensely popular amongst consumers and enjoyed worldwide success for a number of years.  It was however, overtaken by the arrival of the super 8 mm film format.  Video 8 to DVD services exist today to convert this legacy format into digital files that are up to date with modern technology.

video 8 to dvd

Video 8 to DVD Companies

The super 8 mm film format offered a number of benefits over the standard 8mm one.  Its main attraction was the fact that it offered cartridge loading as well as a 50% larger frame size.  For the standard 8mm film cameras, you had to manually load the film and set it up inside the camera.  This was no longer the case thanks to super 8.  Super 8 also offered compatibility with electric cameras and quickly became the format of choice for amateurs and enthusiasts everywhere.  Now companies are offering video 8 to DVD conversion services so you can make your memories future proof.

video 8 to dvd

8 mm Video Format

The video format of 8 mm video were used in amateur video cameras from 1980 to 1990.  It actually refers to 3 related types of film formats, these were Video8 Hi8 and the more recent digital format known as Digital8.  Video 8 offered much smaller tapes that the competition at the time, and quickly became the number one format in the consumer camcorder market.  All three formats were very similar, using a magnetic tape and almost identical cassette cases.  The main difference between the three is the quality of the output, which obviously got better as time went on and the Hi8 and Digital8 formats hit the market.

video 8 to dvd

Why Do You Need Video 8 to DVD Conversion?

One of the biggest attractions nowadays for this type of service is the fact that the technology used to record and watch video 8 is now obsolete.  If you want to watch your old home videos recorded to video 8, you have to dig out your old camera and plug it into a tv or monitor using analogue cables that will most likely need an adapter.  If the camera even still works, on then can you watch the tapes on your screen.  By transferring the tape into a digital format, you are able to watch it easily and share it with friends and family.


Cloud Based Storage

The other major attraction of having your old home videos in a digital format is the ability to store them in cloud based storage.  Cloud storage is storage that is managed by a company and you have access to it online via their network.  Again this means you can quickly and easily share it with anyone you like, or even share it on social media platforms.