VHS to DVD Converter Guide

Have you been wondering how to convert VHS to DVD? If yes, then you are in the right place. In our guide, we will talk you through everything to know about converting. As technology evolves, it is more important than ever to preserve those piled up VHS tapes that hold valuable footage, especially if you no longer have a working VCR. The converting process is not an overly complex task, but you need the right equipment to transfer VHS to DVD. If you have more than a few tapes then we recommend using a service that offers digital conversions. They are also fully equipped to transfer your VHS to multiple digital platforms.

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VHS to DVD Services

There are many VHS to DVD services from which you can choose if you cannot be bothered or have the equipment to carry out the transfer. They are the best way to get the job done but can get pricey depending on the number of VHS tapes. All you have to do is find a reputable company, so make sure to do some research and read some reviews when selecting a company. Converting services also provide other transfers such as memory stick or cloud backup. The cloud backup can be extremely useful if you are looking to share the footage with others. You can access the footage online and send it to anyone, regardless of where they are.

vhs to dvd

Do it At Home

Do you want to save some money instead? If so, you can use a DVD recorder and a VCR to carry out the task. All you have to do is connect the two together with an analogue cable but be prepared to wait around because this method is very time-consuming. Put your VHS tape in and press play, then interest a blank DVD into the DVD player and press record to dub the video over. All in all, it is not a difficult task, but it requires a lot of patience, especially if you have a lot of tapes. The footage gets played in real-time when recorded, which can take up hours and hours on end.


While converting VHS to DVD is a pretty straight forward process when you have the right technology, it still depends on how many tapes you are looking to convert. You can do it all yourself, yes, but digital conversion companies can provide multiple choices.  If you want to edit the footage or send it to other sources, then a cloud backup can be the best possible option. Those of you who want to save money and do it yourself, take your time and do not rush. You can even make a date night out of it. Choose one night each week where you watch whatever VHS tape you want to transfer and put your feet up so you can actually enjoy the process.