Breakdown of Brass Band Instruments

We are huge music lovers, and love genres of all sorts, so we wanted to talk about band and jazz music. A brass band instrument is actually a musical instrument which produces musical sound by vibrating air in a hollow resonator in harmony with the vibration of an individual’s vocal chords. Brass instruments are known as labrosennas, in Latin and Greek terms meaning ‘labyrinth’, ‘string’ and ‘singing’. They are played with a flat mallet or wooden mallet. Since the instrument has to be played in very fast speeds, it has to be played by playing the mallet without using a hand. Brass band instruments come in many shapes and sizes, and have been around for a very long time.

brass band instruments

History of Brass Band Instruments

Brass band instruments were first invented around three thousand years ago and are still used today by many countries. The instruments are mainly found in Africa, Asia and the Middle East. There are different types of brass band instruments ranging from simple flutes, clarinets, saxophone and guitar, to more complex instruments like the drums. These instruments come in different sizes, shapes and colors, and each has their own sonic characteristics and individual sound.

brass band instruments

Different Varieties

There are many different types of brass instruments ranging from simple flutes, clarinets, saxophone and guitar, to more complicated instruments like the drums. The instruments are made from wood and other materials and can be either hand crafted or machine made. Some brass band instruments can also be made from plastic. Different types of brass instruments are classified into two: classical brass instruments and contemporary brass instruments.

Amongst all the brass instruments, the clarinet is the oldest one. It has an oval shaped mouthpiece and is usually made of brass. It has three wood blocks on top of the mouthpiece which act as resonators to produce sounds. This instrument is also referred to as the clarinet.



The saxophone is perhaps one of the most popular band instruments. The saxophone is named after its maker, a French musician named Martin Seyferth. It has a conical shape with a bell at the end. The bell is connected to the body of the saxophone by a wire or string. The instrument is played by plucking the ball or hitting it against a drum head.

Saxophones are usually made from brass and plastic. Some are hand crafted while some are machine made. Today, there are many models of saxophone available in the market. The price range of saxophone depends upon its size, finish and design. Some saxophones can be bought for less than $300, while others can cost more than a thousand dollars.

Saxophones can also be made into a double-reed saxophone. This is a popular type of saxophone because it is very easy to play. A double-reed saxophone also looks very elegant. Double-reed saxophones are similar to clarinets in appearance. They can be played with the aid of a metronome clock. While playing a double-reed saxophone, the musician uses two hands.

The saxophone has been one of the oldest instruments in history. Its popularity continues to grow even in today’s world. Saxophones are widely used in many cultures and can be heard playing at many different occasions.