Livin’ the Blues and Payin’ Dues

Everyone gets the blues. If you delight in playing this distinctively American category of music, I praise you. The blues and American Jazz have actually affected the world’s music which is an advantage. Wish to earn a living playing the blues? Think what? You can!


Hardcore supporters of this music have actually never ever deserted the blues and never ever will. There is always a place to play the blues. From the Deep South to Chicago to Dallas, to both coasts, people will come out in the evening to hear the Blues. Your job keeping your band reserved playing the blues will not be that tough if you have 2 things in place:


Initially, you need to ready. People think playing the blues is the simplest kind of music to play. Anybody who ever got a guitar found out the 12 bar blues. But there is something that the crowd intuitively detects which is soul. You have actually got to have the heart of the blues in your fingers. You can just do that with living the blues and playing night after night in every diminished or classy joint you can find. You need to want and delight in soft-pedalling dirt roadway hide-a-ways, catfish homes, BBQ shacks, any place there is electrical power and people is a great place to establish and play the blues. You need to pay fees. Individuals will know when you are paying your fees and they will love you if you have actually practiced your chops and love what you are doing.

Second, you need to love people. The blues is people music. You cannot phony this. It even helps people with anxiety (checkout barry mcdonagh panic away for more info). In all the years I have actually played I have actually concerned discover that c and w and blues crowds cravings for the love you can exhibit from the phase. They wish to connect to you. If you love them and what you are doing you will be successful. People need to know that somebody cares. They feel this in the music you play. Think it or not, music is so effective that you can immediately associate with or alienate yourself by the chords you play. Basic blues has a lot down to earth, hardcore soul that with the very first note from that broken old Gibson ES 335 people will tap their feet, touch their loved one on the arm and have this smile on their face that states, “I’m home.”