Red Hot World is devoted to supplying blues fans of any ages with a comfy, intimate and interesting location to delight in great live blues music in tandem with exceptional Southern food. Now, twenty years later on, we are among the leading blues clubs in the country. We provide Little Rock’s best in nationwide and local blues acts while showcasing award winning Southern food.



Purchase the current Red Hot World CD or pick from our substantial stock of recordings going back to 1969 that can be bought safely through Amazon or iTunes. We also have restricted materials of collectible vinyl albums and 45rpm songs that can be acquired using PayPal.


For our faithful fans recommendation, we are continuously sharing our music in the list below days and locations:

Fridays: The Park, 7:00 PM onwards

Saturdays: Jenny’s, 7:00 PM onwards

Wednesdays: Roundtables, 7:00 PM onwards


Our Bag

We are very first and primarily a real Blues club, concentrating on bringing brand-new tastes of the Blues to Little Rock. We are open to all believers of the Blues, but have the tendency to focus our concentration on Indie Blues acts. Standard Blues and Rock Blues have been exaggerated in this day and age and we have the tendency to avoid these acts. We search for a unique & fresh take on the Blues. We do think about other categories such as, Jazz & R&B if the fit is right. If you seem like you or your band might be an excellent suitable for Red Hot World do not hesitate to continue reading and call us appropriately.
Technical Specifications

If you have an interest in preforming at Red Hot World and want to know more about our technical requirements, we have produced a signal circulation diagram of our stereo in addition to a technical specs & devices list that consists of all our microphones, stands, cable televisions, power amps, board and outboard audio devices.


Promote Yourself

We anticipate all artists and/or their management to play an equal part in the promo of their gigs and performances at Red Hot World. It is imperative that musical acts do their due diligence in promoting their approaching gig at Biscuits through e-mails, social media, word of mouth, press, radio therefore many other outlets to guarantee your night at Biscuits will be a success. Red Hot Worldhave an in house Marketing & Promotions organizer that will assist you in your advertising efforts. Please do not hesitate to email & connect to Nicholas for any help in promoting your show to the Bay Area.